PV Matric Higher Secondary School


Sivadhapuram, Salem - 636307.


I Std. & II Std
  • 1. Structural and Functional English including reading, writing and speaking.
  • 2. First language Tamil and additional language Hindi.
  • 3. Four main subjects English, Tamil, Maths and EVS along with additional subjects (Computer Science, value Education &G.K)
  • 4. Daily dictation in Tamil, English and EVS, Theory and practical classes in computer science, Karate path practice to improve linguistic skills.
III Std. to V Std
  • 1. Five main subjects English, Tamil, Maths, Science and Social Science along with additional subjects (Computer Science, value Education, G.K & abacus)
  • 2. First language Tamil and additional language Hindi.
  • 3. Activity based teaching and learning process including group activities, demonstrations, etc.,
  • 4. Thinking, understanding, reasoning and decision making skills of the students are developed through "learn metre questions" practice.
VI Std. to X Std
  • 1. Samacheer syllabus prescribed by Tamil Nadu Government with five main subjects. Additional Grammar books in English , Atlases, Dictionary and maths.
  • 2. In addition to that Hindi as III language, Theory and Practical exposure in computer science, value education, abacus, etc.,
  • 3. Special training in various computer software’s and providing Government approved certificates through well established institution for all the students.
Higher Secondary
  • 1.The Groups offered are Commerce, Accounts, Economics, Computer Application
    Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology
    Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science
  • 2. Additional diploma courses for XI Std in Computer software’s like Tally, Web page designing etc., conducted by well established institution.
  • 3. Special training in one marks for focusing towards NEETS & JEE Exams.