PV Matric Higher Secondary School


Sivadhapuram, Salem - 636307.


Our History

The school was established in 1991 in response to educate the village and rural area people around the Sivadhapuram Circumstances. For their wish our beloved Chairman Mr.P.Vadivel had started this institution with a small strength of 35 Students and 2 Teachers in a tiled house of 5 rooms at Siddhar Kovil Main Road. The P.V.Matric.Hr.Sec.School has grown into a “Big Banyan” with a total enrolment of 1300 students in their most impressionable age. Our schools have molded them successfully as integrated personalities and present them to our nation, ably guided by our 58 dedicated Teachers. In the year 1994, the institution had got approval for the classes I to VI Standard, and then it continues to inculcate our students. We have also got approval for VII to X Standard in 1998. And our first X batch had come out with a great success and results in the year of 1999.

As a result it helped us to extend the service by getting approval of higher secondary in the year 2007.The small tiled house which started with five rooms has grown into a super structure of two building with 50 classrooms and exceptional laboratories with all facilities. We named our two super structure blocks as Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam block and Dr.Radhakrishnan block as they serve for education in memory of them. The laboratory helps our students to have real time practical knowledge which ensure them to know about it effectively.

We are also having a peaceful and spacious playground for the students to explore their sports and co-curricular activities. Besides we have an attractive play park for kindergarten students. We are not only providing education but also a character based teaching which transform them to be a good human being. Along with education they are practicing some extra curricular activities like Karate, Silambam, Bharathanatiyam, Chess and Art and Craft to make them enthusiastic and concrete in their knowledge.


We ensure them to be fluent and a good communicators in English, Hindi and Tamil. Subject based club activities are performed in order to develop their particular skills in each discipline. We also have Scouts and guides for this academic year 2019 – 2020.“An investment in knowledge pays the best result” with this quote.

We concentrate more on our kinder garten students moulding them with full equipped LED classrooms.

“Success cannot be concluded without the presence of God”. Without divinity we cannot start our work. we have a “Saraswathi Statue” the Goddess of education in front of our school campus. Daily assembly is conducted to start the day with a positive vibration.

The school provides ample opportunities to develop the talents of the students In view of this following activities are conducted Science club, English club , Tamil club , Social club are full in action. We impart training in suryanamaskar, Yogasana, music, Arts and craft Bharathanattiyam, Chess, Weekly competitions Saturday activities and assemblies provide the required opportunities for each and every student to go up on stage to develop confidence ad skills forever.

“Education is the manifestation of perfection which is already in man” is one of the main teaching of Swami Vivekananda , the great prophet of morden India. The all round personality of the child’s growth depends entirely on proper education. It should make him fit for the society in which he lives and he or she should shaped into a responsible citizen.

A flower does not blossom suddenly the seed must be plant planted watered, manured and cultivated carefully. Only the end we can enjoy the lovely flowers. Similarly a child’s character must be developed slowly but steadily from the childhood.

Our Teaching Objectives :
  • The Knowledge children acquire
  • The skills and abilities children attain
  • The interests children develop
  • The attitudes children manifest

Since our inception we have done more than just grow in size. We are one of the best schools in this district. While our present looks very different today than it did look back at our humble beginnings, our mission remains the same. And while we're proud of our growth in such a short time, we know there's always room for achievement. We look forward to continue to educate tomorrow's global leaders and innovators, while keeping in sight our vision of becoming a role model for teaching and learning.